About us

Kuria Foundation for Social Enterprise (KFSE) is the foundation for social inclusion. KFSE was started from a background of personal and communal experiences of social exclusion, and a firm belief that social exclusion can be addressed by demonstrating its negative impact and demonstrating pathways for social inclusion.

KFSE’s name seeks to enhance the view that by working with society every form of social stigma that leads to social exclusion can be addressed. Indeed our theory of change explicitly affirms that introducing a socially desirable character, can invert the vicious cycle of exclusion into a virtuous cycle of inclusion. For that reason KFSE is guided by the following vision & mission.

KFSE Vision

A society that supports and is responsive to the needs and aspirations of their weaker members.


Our mission is to enhance social inclusion by contributing technical and financial resources to socially excluded persons and groups to ensure their full inclusion and integration in their societies.