The Founder

David M.Kuria
The Founder, Kuria Foudation For Social Enterprise

The desire and passion to work for social inclusion, comes from a personal experience of social exclusion. Being told you are different and therefore you do not belong, was always David K. Mbote’s experience.

But one day, when on a field visit to supervise implementation of a development project in Kisumu, community members gathered in song and dance – for this visitor from Nairobi sent by SOMIRENEC. David was shocked – of course he knew the songs and dance were in celebration of the development work achieved by his employer – Social Ministry Research Network (SOMIRENEC), but it was the first time he actually felt included and not judged.

It was at that time, it occurred to him for the first time, that while one may be socially excluded and/or stigmatized; if a positive interruption is inserted to their identity, they may not only stop being excluded and/or stigmatized, but can even become celebrated. You see, the Social Ministry Research Network Centre (SOMIRENEC) was established by the Institute of Social Ministry (ISM), a department of Tangaza University College, with the support of Comboni Missionaries in Kenya. David’s association with Tangaza University Collage and Comboni Missionaries became that interruption to his cycle of exclusion.

Indeed this personal experience is what informs KFSE’s approach in working with excluded communities to reverse this vicious cycle of exclusion so that it can become a virtuous cycle of inclusion. This is premised on injecting a socially appealing intervention that reverses the negative perception into a positive one, and indeed one that has benefit to the entire society.

KFSE is a cultivated dream for David, highlighting the negative impacts of social exclusion and seeing social inclusion as a social value worth integrating. Measuring and tracking human rights work and viewing social inclusion as an integral element of social justice. He believes that the foundation’s presence and work will inspire hopes and aspirations for all who are stigmatized and socially excluded!

“I will possibly always remain an outsider, and being comfortable with the feelings of being ‘lesser than’ I do not mind those who see me that way. My joy is in seeing young people who are living their lives to the fullest potential and do not carry the same emotional scars and or/ fractures that are the story of my life, that is what motivates my story and to do the work that I do.” - David Kuria