Endorsement of Presidential Candidate & Political Party/Coalition

Since we were not able to complete registration of EEP, Kuria Foundation for Social Enterprise – KFSE would like to urge all supporters and well-wishers to consider supporting the presidential candidate and political party/coalition that affirms basic principles of Equity and Equality for ALL Kenyans.

This support for Equity & Equality should be reflected in the manifesto of their political party or coalition of parties. To simplify the task of developing relevant provisions on Equity & Equality, we are offering the text below for adoption (with or without modification) by the candidates and their parties/Coalitions:

Equality & Non-discrimination

The right to equality and non-discrimination is recognized in the Kenyan Constitution as well as regional and international instruments that Kenya is a signatory to. The notion that human rights are universal and belong to all people is centrally connected to principles of equality and non-discrimination. We want to build a Kenya that is inclusive and safe for all our people, a society that does not discriminate against or stigmatize anyone. The Colonial government through divide and rule measures introduced laws that made certain groups of Kenyans to live as second class citizens in their own country. Once we form the next government we commit to see zero tolerance to any form of discrimination on all protected grounds in our Constitution. We will:

  • Promote equality measures for all people and all communities in Kenya
  • Introduce comprehensive legal reform measures to repeal colonial government laws that treat certain categories of individuals, communities and tribes as second class citizens in their own country
  • Introduce legislation and legal reform to ensure that ALL Kenyans access public services to the highest degree possible and ensure that no accidental bias is included in the provision of public services.

KFSE urges all Kenyans to be on the lookout for presidential candidate(s) and their political parties/coalitions that zealously protect the right to equality for ALL Kenyans. This is the presidential candidate and political party/coalition that we as Kuria Foundation of Social Enterprise urge all Kenyans to support! .

On Civil Society Funding

Relationship between Government and CSOs has traditionally been hostile, yet they do not need to be. We all work for the benefit of Kenyan people. While CSOs play an important oversight role not always guaranteed by Parliament or the Judiciary, there are times when it may make more sense to partner with government than to fight it. They, for example, work to alleviate poverty, protect the vulnerable, and fight for human rights and good governance in Kenya.

It is important for the post-2017 government to support CSOs in Kenya. KFSE has an innovative suggestion on how this can be done.

At KFSE we have created a Sustainability Capital Fund – we use from this fund to invest in government securities and capital market. We then use the proceeds from this Fund, to finance our activities. We are proposing for the winning coalition (or political party), to create a CSO fund similar to the youth fund or women’s fund. CSOs with Sustainability Capital Funds can be encouraged to borrow from this fund to invest in ‘Balanced investment Funds’ such as what we have at KFSE subject to such conditions such as demonstration of the existence of a performing sustainability fund over a considerable period of time.

Such a fund would go a long way in supplementing government initiatives to reduce poverty, increase employment opportunities and in deed address the scourge of corruption among other progressive objectives.

KFSE proposes to give endorsement to the political party/coalition that promises to implement these two key requests i.e.,provision on Equality & Non-discrimination in their party/coalition manifesto and promise of creating a CSO Sustainability Fund once in power.